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What are the Best Dog Breeds for Apartments?

What are the Best Dog Breeds for Apartments?

Apartments, unlike big homes, do not provide huge space for the dogs where they can roam around without any restrictions. Some dog breeds require big space to play and run, such breeds can not live in a confined space like an apartment. Having said that, there are many dog breeds for apartments. Pets with lower energy like Bichon Frise are suitable low-maintenance dogs for apartments.

10 Best Dog Breeds for Apartments


Affenpinscher is also one of the best apartment dogs for smaller spaces. They do not require rigorous physical activities to keep them entertained, they are happy doing indoor activities in an apartment. They do not mix well with strangers and do not like to bark very often. They can bark to attract your attention sometimes, but most of the time they are just busy with themselves.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is one of the best small apartment dogs with lower activity levels as compared to the other dogs. Since their workout requirements are not very high, they are ideal companions for kids and elderly people. You just need to go with them on a short walk around the neighborhood, and it will keep them happy and content. Like many active dogs, they do not need a big space to live. They can quickly adapt to the settings of a small apartment.


Pekingese are also one of the best small apartment dogs with independent nature. They do not require much exercise and are happy sitting in one corner of the apartment most of the time. Their independent nature can sometimes make them stubborn about learning new behaviours which is why it is important to be patient with them and provide them the attention they need. All natural wood chews for dogs available on PetYupp’s website are enough to keep their dental health great. 


Standing shorter than ten inches, Chihuahua are the best apartment dogs for smaller spaces. An average-sized Chihuahua does not need a full house for itself, even an apartment is a big space for this furry guy. Even though they love to be the center of attraction for every family member, this nature can lead to conflict with other pets in the house. These dogs are very reactive to the atmosphere and often bark to express themselves. The long-lasting dog chews are enough to keep them entertained for a long time. 


Pugs are one of the best medium-sized apartment dogs. They can quickly develop a bond with the owners and are very social with strangers as well. You can enjoy the company of a Pug if regularly cleaning the fur is not a problem for you, because their fur sheds heavily in fall and spring. They like playing with family members and other people.


French Bulldog

Apart from Pug, French Bulldog is another one of the best medium-sized apartment dogs. Commonly popular among metropolitan millennials, French Bulldogs rarely bark at strangers and just a brisk walk is sufficient for fulfilling their desire to do physical activities in a day. These are among the best low-maintenance dogs for apartments.



Greyhounds are one of the best big dogs for apartments. People generally think that a highly energetic sprinter like Greyhound might not adapt to the settings of an apartment but the reality is quite surprising! You just need to provide them with a good exercise session in the nearby park and they can just sleep on the floor for the rest of the day. These big dogs are very suitable to live in an apartment. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, often known as the “king of the lapdogs” is an ideal breed for an apartment-like setting. They can live very comfortably in a smaller space where they can just keep an eye on the owner. They are most suitable for people who have a very tight schedule but they still crave company. You can do either indoor or outdoor activities with these easily trainable dogs.


Apart from Greyhounds, Bulldogs are also one of the best big dogs for apartments. Their reputation as a lazy dog is for a reason. These friendly and loyal friends do not like to exercise much. They can play around when they want but doing rigorous physical activities in the park is not exactly their forte.


Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu are known to be great companions for kids. These low-maintenance dogs are ideal candidates to live in an apartment as they are happy in a confined space. They do not need a long and tiring exercise session to wear all their energy, chasing after a toy in your apartment a few times per day can suffice for it.

What Kind of Dogs Can Not Live in Small Apartments?

Large breeds like Great Danes and Mastiffs are not suitable to live in a confined space as they require space to roam around freely and play. Even high-energy breeds like Border Collies, German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, and Siberian Huskies are not ideal candidates to roam around in a small apartment. These highly energetic and large dogs can be great companions if you live in a big house and keeping them in a small apartment is a big no-no. They might develop some stress if you keep them long enough in a confined area.


Even in the case of breeds suitable for apartments, you need to follow tips for pet safety at home, to ensure they do not get themselves hurt. Above mentioned breeds are the best dog breeds for apartments but pet supplies like chews and toys are needed for their overall maintenance. PetYupp can help you choose all kinds of toys, chews, and other accessories for your furry friend.

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