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Elevated Dog Bowls for Large Dogs

Elevated Dog Bowls for Large Dogs

Large dogs have to bend more than a small or medium-sized dog to eat their meal but too much stretching while eating can be harmful, this is why elevated dog bowls for large dogs are in the picture. Elevated or raised dog bowls are very helpful for large dogs in preventing digestion-related issues. 

What is an Elevated Dog Bowl?

An elevated dog bowl is a dog bowl raised to a certain extent from the ground. Generally, dog bowls lying on the ground are fine for small or medium-sized dogs but elevated dog bowls are important for the large breed dogs to avoid the strain on the neck or unnecessary body stretching while eating.


Advantages of Elevated Dog Bowls for Large Dogs

There are many advantages of elevated dog bowls, major advantages are listed below:

  • Comfort is a priority while eating. The more comfortable you are while eating, the fewer problems you’ll face in the future. If your dog is eating comfortably, it will face fewer digestive issues.
  • Elevated dog food bowls are a boon for older dogs who face problems like arthritis and joint pain. They can not bend again and again for eating and drinking as it will only make their condition worse.
  • The condition of your dog’s digestive system depends a lot on how your furry friend is swallowing its meal. Swallowing becomes much easier if the bowl is raised a little bit from the ground.
  • Sometimes the dog lies down to have their meal to get a more relaxed position but this posture is not good for having a meal. Elevated dog bowls help them to eat in a good posture.
  • It is easier to keep the feeding area of a dog bowl clean as dogs are less likely to make a mess with their food and water in an elevated dog bowl.
  • Dogs usually tend to play with their bowls after finishing the meal. There is a chance that left-out parts of the meal can drop on the floor this way. Such is not the case with elevated dog food bowls, dogs can not carry these bowls around as they come with a stand.
  • Dogs suffering from certain medical conditions like megaesophagus require an elevated dog bowl so that food can move down their esophagus easily.
  • Dogs that undergo a variety of surgeries usually require elevated dog bowls for post-operative feeding.

When Should You Avoid Elevated Dog Bowls?

Large dogs may sometimes suffer from a gastrointestinal condition known as GDV (gastric dilation-volvulus) complex commonly known as bloating. This condition usually affects large breeds, especially the ones who are fast eaters. Elevated dog bowls make the dog comfortable due to which they can easily eat at a fast pace. The stomachs of the dogs who are prone to this condition distend to an abnormal amount.

Elevated dog bowls are generally avoided in such conditions as they are known to increase this problem even more. If your dog is suffering from this medical condition then you should consult your vet about what type of dog bowl would be appropriate for your furry friend.

How to Choose Raised Dog Bowls for Large Dogs?

You can either buy a raised dog bowl from the market or make your own raised dog bowl with the help of an elevated dog bowl stand. Dogs of different sizes require different elevated dog bowls. For small breeds, raised bowl height should be between 2 and 6 inches. It should be between 7 and 14 inches for medium breeds, and between 15 and 20 inches for large breeds.

Sometimes buying an elevated dog bowl does no good because dogs get attached to their bowls and they are not ready to eat in a different bowl. In such cases, you can elevate your furry friend’s dog bowl with the help of an elevated dog bowl stand.

Range of Raised Dog Bowls in the Market

From modern elevated dog bowls for large dogs to elevated dog bowls with storage, there are a lot of options available in the market. PetYupp has a range of elevated dog bowls available for large dogs. Unspill-a-bowl with a wrought iron double diner is ideal for dogs of different sizes. Wrought iron double diner with Roman black is also available in 3 sizes, you can select according to the needs of your dog.

There is a great range of dog bowls, dog chews, dog clothes, and other pet supplies on PetYupp’s website. Not just elevated dog bowls for large dogs, but a range of interesting pet products are available on the website.

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