Unleash your dog's wild side with our Toss & Chew Rabbit Leather Toy! Made with all-natural water buffalo leather and coconut fiber filling, this multi-layered toy is perfect for indoor and outdoor play. The squeaker inside adds an extra element of excitement, making it ideal for all breeds and sizes, from teething puppies to aggressive chewers. Available in a rich red color, this toy is a must-have for every dog lover!

About this item

  1. All-Natural Materials: Made from 100% natural water buffalo leather and filled with coconut fiber, this toy is eco-friendly and safe for your dog, providing a chemical-free playtime experience.

  2. Durable Multi-Layered Design: The multi-layered construction enhances the toy's durability, making it tough enough to withstand heavy chewing and rough play, ensuring long-lasting fun for your pet.

  3. Engaging Squeaker Inside: Equipped with a built-in squeaker, this toy adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement, keeping your dog entertained and mentally stimulated during playtime.

  4. Ideal for Tossing and Chewing: Perfectly designed for both tossing and chewing, this versatile toy promotes interactive play between you and your dog, as well as solo play, helping to keep your dog active and happy.

  5. Attractive Red Color: The rich red color of the natural leather not only looks great but also hides dirt and slobber, keeping the toy looking cleaner for longer periods between washes.

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