These Natural Water Buffalo Bladder Dog Treats come in a twisted shape and a 100 gm bag. Made from natural ingredients, these treats provide high-quality protein and promote healthy chewing habits for your dog. Perfect as a reward or snack, these treats are a healthy and delicious choice for your furry friend.

Age Range (Description) All Life Stages
Item Form Stick
Specific Uses For Product Training, Weight Management, Dental Care
Unit Count  1 Pack of 100 grams treats


About this item

  • All-Natural Ingredients: Made only from 100% natural water buffalo bladder, providing nutrients dogs love without fillers or preservatives.
  • Low Calorie Snacking: These treats satisfy chewing needs without overfeeding.
  • Unique Texture: The twisted shape and chewy texture keep dogs engaged as they work to break off bite-sized pieces.
  • Made from free range grass fed water buffalo bladder
  • Satisfy Daily Needs: These long-lasting treats can be incorporated into mealtimes or used for training throughout the day.

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