Transform mealtime into a luxurious experience for your furry friend with our Diamond Embossed Bowl. The beautiful diamond pattern adds a touch of elegance to your feeding area, while the sturdy design ensures long-lasting use. Choose from 5 different bowl sizes to suit your pet's needs. Indulge your pet with every meal.

Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 1 Pint , 1 Quart, 2 Quart, 3 Quart, 5Quart


With an embossed diamond pattern, this bowl adds the perfect pop to your homes’ aesthetic appeal while providing a perfect spot for nourishment for your pup. Made of stamped stainless steel, this bowl can go in the dishwasher to help keep clean for your pet. With a wide array of sizes, there’s sure to be a bowl to suit your pup.

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